Thursday, July 21, 2011



Well I can't believe the trouble I am having trying to do a simple thing like change my phone, I am sure if I was Spanish I wouldn't have half the problem,
We went to 3 shops last night and they all did the shrugging of the shoulders and the sticking out of the bottom lip
In the last shop at least the guy spoke  English and he said the easiest way to do it is to cancel my contract and go on pay as you go, (well the reason I went on the contract in the first place was because it was costing me so much on pay as you go )....Then he said in his broken English......You come backa here and you see me and we sign a new contracta with Vodafone thena you get the phone you want, I am at the moment with the Spanish provider Movistar 
Anyway there is a number that my husband can phone at 4 pm today and speak to someone in English about maybe changing my phone over and keeping the same number, it would be very difficult for me to change my number as all my clients have it and family and friends and it is on my business cards

My oldest daughter is still in hospital and has still not passed a motion ( had a shit for the down to earth ones of us ) it has been 6 days now and she is in pain and very uncomfortable as you can imagine, I think they are going to take her down to theatre if it doesn't happen today
I told her we will have to worn the shipping when she does go.........

To be cont :


  1. Sorry your Daughter is having this problem and hoping for the best for her.
    I recall last year you had a cell phone problem, hope it works out for you. These cell phone companies can sure drive you up the wall.

  2. Thanks GG
    Yes that's right I did have a problem ...all I want to do is change the phone, I am sure if I was back in the uk I wouldn't have this problem

    It is very frustrating being so far away from my daughter and having to rely on other people to give me news of her, I could haul my ass over there but by the time I got there she could be out and back home so I just have to wait until my other daughter gives me news
    Lo xxx