Sunday, August 21, 2011



I have a rottery washing line you know the one on a pole that goes round like an umbrella, I am getting washing of the line and I suddenly see something sitting on one of the lines, I look closer and see this sort of bug which is black with red spots on, I have never seen anything like it before....I call the husband and tell him to bring the camera I tell him be quick thinking that this bug will either jump or fly away before we have a chance to snap it, but no it just sits there, the husband takes a photo ( will post photo when I have written this )........... But if anyone can tell me what you think it is I would be gratful

We don't get a lot of bugs here, we get dragon fly's,...Hornets...mosquito's....  and cockroaches and the odd fly now and then but we don't get  things like big spiders bee's and wasps they may do on other parts of the island but not here where we are, I have seen small spiders like what people call money spiders, and we do have some ants but only at certain times of the year, We hear crickets and concadas ( don't know how you spell that ) they are the things that sound like crickets but you never see them

Having a nice quite Sunday should be in the pool really but to be honest I can't be bothered.

To be cont :

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