Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Went to go to the hairdressing wholesalers yesterday, and when I got there , there was a notice on the door saying they were closed for August,
Now this country is a bit like other foreign country's where as a lot of places close for the month of August, I don't think they are closed for the whole month but defiantly for 2 weeks, It's a good job I don't need anything in a hurry

Spoke to my two little granddaughters today the oldest one Ella just 5 was trying to do a poo and she said it wouldn't come out, she said it was having a party in there with boys and girls, then a little while after she was playing with her twin dollys my daughter said  tell nanny what your twins names are ......Ella said perfume and coconut, then she said.. they didn't come out of my tummy, her mother said Oh! no,?.....No Ella said someone brought them for me,.....children are so funny with the things they say aren't they, It was so lovely to hear their little voices

The weather here is thankfully not as hot as it usually is in August which is a relief, usually it is so hot you can't breath.

To be cont :


  1. They're lucky thye can afford to close for a month. aren't they. The children look cute, so amusing at that age. I remember it well!

  2. Thanks Arlene
    It is all new to me as I have been for so long without talking to my youngest daughter, it was like I was proud to be a grandma but it didn't feel real some how because I had nothing to do with them and they didn't even know who I was
    Lets hope that it won't be too long now that I can go home and really get to know them
    xxxxxx PS got a bit more news on the bug read my post