Tuesday, August 2, 2011



I am on early today because I woke up early and have finished doing the things I wanted to do and now I am bored

The husband is in a better mood today....he was complaining this morning that nothing was working properly, his computer wouldn't boot up, the fax  / copier wouldn't come on, and the printer wouldn't work....I said ......That's god punishing you for being so horrible yesterday,......He just said .....ye ye under his breath, but I know it made him think

Just waiting to hear from oldest daughter on how her scan went yesterday, and also waiting for my kindle that I ordered from Amazon to come should be today or tomorrow.....Well I got so fed up with trying to find books here and I am lost without my books every now and then they have some in the little supermarket down the mountain but then I can go a couple of months before I find another, and to order them from waterstone's or Amazon is so expensive and we have to wait weeks for them to be delivered so I thought in the long run it works out cheaper all round to lay out the for the price of the actual kindle and then any books you down load are much cheaper so we will see, in a way I will miss the feel of a paper book but when you think about it I am helping to save the forest's as well and I am all for that, will let you know how it goes and what I think of it 

Still on the subject of books tell me what books you like and where do you get them

To be cont :

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  1. Hope you will hear a good the scans results from your daughter.
    It is more important than others LOL!