Monday, August 1, 2011



Awww the husband was in a filthy mood this morning, he shouted at me over some bedding I was sorting out saying that we didn't buy 2 single duvet covers for the sofa bed  and I know we did because I said at the time it was too hot for 2 people to sleep under a double one where as with 2 singles they could please themselves and not disturb the other in the night, I said when you packed away the sofa bed last time where did you put all the bedding, he started shouting and slamming about saying Oh ! its always me isn't it.....I said yes it is because you were the one that packed it all away, the throwing his toys went on for a while with him swearing that we didn't have 2 single duvet covers when I knw we did
I found one and told him to apologise to me...he did but with attitude.....
Then we had to go into town and he was still in a filthy mood, he backed up a road which he was not meant to do ( they are very hot on things like that here ) and nearly backed into a women with a child in a push chair, well of course she was shouting we are lucky she didn't call the police, I shook my head at the lady and when we got out the car she was shouting at the husband and he just leaned in the car tooted his hooter and walk away, I said to the lady .....I am ever so sorry he is in a bad mood, I want to stab him, she said that's ok  but I felt terrible, god knows what is wrong with him he is normally so placid and not at all aggressive.

To be cont : 

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  1. Never mind Lo, all we get grumpy old man and woman
    and we are now:-)