Friday, August 26, 2011



I know I know.... oh! no not again you say.... she's moaning about what's in the paper,.....Well I couldn't help it......I read an artical about the makers of duvet's  that are going to make a duvet with one thick side and one thinner side  to solve the problem of people that feel too hot throwing the duvet off and people that feel too cold dragging it off the other one when they feel too cold, I think it is a silly idea, and if you have this problem like my husband and I did when we shared a bed why not do what I did to solve the problem,...I brought two single duvet's one thin for me and the other thicker for my husband, it worked better than a big double duvet he could snuggle up in his pulling it right up over his ears like he does and I could be cool with mine half way down and if I did get chilly in the night I could just pull it up that way neither of us disturbed the other, in fact we used to make jokes about it, we always used to lay there holding hands and talking about our day before kissing goodnight and I would say ....If you touch my duvet in the night you are going to die.......we would laugh kiss goodnight  and turn and go to sleep, also when he had to get up at 5 in the morning he didn't disturb me who didn't have to get up till 7, So I would say to you don't waste money on this new fangle dangle idea just go and buy two single duvet's problem solved.
FOR MARK.....Do you remember that big feather one I brought from Ron and Reg...I still have it.

JOAN COLLINS....... This women really grates on your nerves......First why does  she continue to wear those stupid wigs everyone knows she is well on the way to 80, and if you saw her face close up you would probably see some wrinkles, and why does she come out with such stupid comments......I quote from the daily mail on Thursday written in big letters NEVER WED A MAN WHO IS RICHER THAN YOU ARE ( OR WEARS MASCARA ) Now I ask you , what a stupid thing to say and I wonder how much they are paying her to say such dribble....Just look at the silly little girls who marry these footballers....why do they marry them? ( knowing of course that they are not going to be faithful ).....They marry them for the money and the life that comes with it as do the girls that marry pop stars...Film stars etc
I say to Miss Collins or what ever her married name is at the moment.......If you want to give advice to the younger people or any women for that matter, number one come and live in the real world with the rest of us, we are not all living in Dallas and married to the likes of JR Ewing  or someone like him the majority of us have to work hard for a living specially in this day and age....And stop wearing those ridiculous wigs and all the slap on your face.

End of moan

To be cont :


  1. LOL, I can't believe she doesn't have a face lift somewhere. I wish I had her money though.

  2. LOL so do I...yes I can't believe she doesn't have a facelift....If you got up close to her she is probably like a dried prune