Thursday, August 11, 2011



I have to tell you that I have found a programme on the TV called art and drawing I can only tell you that it is called PROPELLER and it is on 195, it is on at 4pm which is just the time I start dinner for 5,....Anyway it has got me interested in art again, Now when we first moved in here I got the husband to build me an art studio at the bottom of the garden ( yes will take photo and post here )
Now when I lost a bit of interest in my art and didn't use the studio much he started putting box's of stuff in there, it started off with just a couple of box's but then it grew and up until about a couple of hours ago it was so full of crap that I couldn't get in there anyway,
The husband is all for me starting painting again so when I asked him to clear it out and make room for me he was happy to do it, So now I am happy to say that I can at least sit at my desk to draw or paint,
The only thing I have to do now is get paper and paint as all my water colours have gone off because of the heat here some of them had even crystallized so they have gone in the garbage bin, but this time  when I have finished a piece  I am going to give it to our tenant here to sell as he does a market stool a few times a week and on Saturdays, If they sell well it will make me want to carry on

Not heard anything from ill daughter but I guess no news is good news, I am sure I will know from one of them when something is wrong

To be cont :

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  1. So glad you are going to start the painting Lo, though you have a talent to do that why not:-)
    I think you will enjoy that and show us in here.
    Your daughter:A good news as you said no news.