Saturday, August 27, 2011



What makes people think that they can go away on holiday and leave a 19 year old alone  in a house and really believe that they are going to behave themselves is totally beyond me.........

I am referring to a nearly whole page in the mail Friday about a Tory MP from Brighton who went away on holiday and left his 19 year old daughter to herself........she obviously told friends and either her or someone she knows posted it on facebook that there was going to be a party and before you know it the world and it's mother are descending on Brighton and coursing trouble
I don't care how well behaved your children are or how well or expensively they have been educated  ( and it seems that the more well off they are the worse they are )...Leave a 19 year old alone and you can guarantee trouble.........Do you remember a few years ago the people that have a house here next door to us left their 19 year old son here on his own while they all went back to the uk, telling us that he was a good boy and he knew how to behave himself, and he turned out to be a nightmare with his loud music ( if you could call it that ) and party's at 4 in the morning shouting  and jumping off of the laundry room roof into the pool, and we saw him get into the wrong crowd and get into drugs  we watched him go from a very healthy young man to a skinny nervous wreck where he was spending all his money on drugs and booze, and on several occasions had to get in touch with his father who at first didn't take any notice  
This is what happens when you leave a 19 year old alone with no guidance 
And now this Tory MP has got the cheek to take it to the papers and they must have paid him for the story it is nearly a whole page

To be cont :


  1. Bread and water for a month and be made to make good and re-pay the damage.

  2. Ha ha ....I don't think I would bother with the bread and water Arlene...lets really make em suffer