Sunday, September 18, 2011



Don't know if I have said this, but the man that my husband does work for on the computer died on Thursday, He had a long battle with cancer

The complaint is RYAN AIR .....As soon as my husband knew the funeral date which is 26th Sept he started looking on the Ryan air site to book a ticket, He tried for 3 hours on Fri the 16th, then again on Sat the 17th for 2 hours and got nowhere, so in frustraition and anger he went to the airport, only to be told by the young man on the desk that he is better booking it on line because it is cheaper, if he does it there at the airport it will cost him another 88 €
On the young man's advice he came home to try again and was another 2 hours,.......really angry now so he goes back to the airport and the young man on the desk was very apologetic and said that the hubby should do a complaint mail where they give you room to, but they only allow 250 letters you have to count each letter as you go as they don't have an automatic counter " frustrating again", so we compiled a letter of complaint to send through the post and a very short complaint on the website telling them he is sending a letter by post as well

It defeats the object of them being a cheap no frills airline, the husband or I will never use them again, in our 5 years here we have found that Monarch are the best, We have never had any trouble with them and you can even book your seat as well, ....Why didn't the husband use them then I hear you say......because he has to go to Stansted and not from what we could see Monarch don't go to Stansted...Well they didn't for the dates he wanted

To be con't :


  1. Blessings...
    Sometimes that is the trouble with CHEAP they are so busy and there is so much noise on the site that it defeats the purpose and doesn't feel worth the time and effort it takes to acheive cheapness.

    my condolences at your husband's loss.
    have a good week

  2. Thank you Rhapsody....glad to see at least someone is reading my blog
    I know it's not as interesting as it used to be, but really nothing happens here much anymore

    Thank you for your condolences to my husband...yes Tony will be sadly missed he and my husband have known each other a log time

  3. Sorry not to have been on here much Lo, but I find it difficult to keep up, I;m either busy or out, and occasionally the TV is good. no excuse I know. trouble is if you don't keep your name shown you do get forgotten, I find that if I don't blog or visit for a few days, people do drop off, it is such a busy place, when I look at my 'followers' many have disappeared, also I sometimes stop following people who don't answer comments, at least some of the time, one thing I do like about Word Press, you cna reply directly to the person's comments, with blogger you have to go into their site and leave a comment to say thanks. oh well, who said it has to be easy. take care.

  4. Hi Arlene
    Thank you for that ....what is "word press" that the one we all didn't like when the other one went belly up....or is it better than blogger
    Even so I still wouldn't have anything much to write at the moment....Tell me what it is I will maybe have a look

    Love as always