Thursday, September 29, 2011



Well some odd things have been happening here, not big things just little things,....As you know the hubby has been in the UK for a funeral ( he is back now ) but while he was away a couple of odd things happened,
FIRST THING........ On Tuesday I went to the post box which is on the wall just outside our gate, and as I looked over to the garage gate there in the corner where the gate closes I see a pile of garbage ( rubbish ) so I left the post box and went and had a closer look, there were old letters a note from the post office to say they were holding something for someone, and some light bolbs ??????? I think to myself ! where the hell has all this come from.....Later that evening I spoke to the husband and told him, he said oh that must be Stefano the Italian bloke that was renting our house down the mountain who has now moved up to just along the road from us, I said well why has he dumped all that rubbish by our gate we are not his landlords any more and second why didn't he have the sense to put it in a carrier bag The husband just said  " I don't know " which meant that he had told him to put it there, I wish I had seen him do it I would have put a stop to it
Then Tuesday night before going to bed I went to lock the front gate, then before going to bed about 10.30  I went to lock the front door and the key would not turn, so I thought silly cow I have already locked it, so I unlocked it just to make sure but the key wouldn't turn, oh bugger thinks I what do I do now so I tried again but the key didn't want to know, well at least the door was shut and it is pretty safe up here anyway but just to be sure I put the washing basket buy the door, though what good that would have done if someone tried to get in I do not know as it was it was empty and very light a mouse could have moved it
So I didn't have a very good night you know what it's like you hear noises .........

On Wednesday when the hubby got home I told him straight away when he got in about 6pm bugger me if he didn't put the key in the lock and bloody turn it problem....I couldn't believe it 

Today I was looking for my earphones they are a little black pair that I take when we travel and they are the sort that fit any airline and the ear pieces just hook round your ears,......Now I always keep them in my flight bag so that I know where they are  when ever I want them, .........Now I tell you I looked in every pocket I swear I did and couldn't find them, I say to the hubby .....well that's odd where are they then  I always keep them in here you know I do, says I thrusting the bag at him, you look,.....No no I believe you he say's......No I insist you look........WELL BUGGER ME AGAIN .....He looks and say's is this what you mean, and he is holding them in his hand

I think I am loosing the plot

To be cont :

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  1. These kinds of things happen to me too. I wonder if Alzheimers is creeping in.
    I hope you're OK, haven't seen updates in a long time.