Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Well hello everyone that is still with me, As you can see I have not written anything on my blog for some while, the main reason for this is because I really have had nothing to write about, and am sorry to say that I still don't, but I will try, I may not write every day like I was but I will try and write at least once or twice a week.....So what can I tell you for my first come back.

Things are still the same here, we are still trying to sell so that we can go home back to England, My grandchildren are all getting older so quickly and I am missing it all, and both of my daughters have not got the money to come here as they are not allowed now to take the children out of school in term time, the flights are astronomical in the holiday time, everyone talks about it, but the people who make all the decisions here on this island about prices of flights etc, just want to line their own pockets and don't give the public a second thought, so the flight prices stay very high  
There have been so many people that have handed their keys back to the bank and walked away, in a way I wish we could do the same, but we don't have a mortgage which in itself is a good thing

We have had a very long winter here which is another thing that everyone is talking about, We usually get very heavy rain around the end of Jan/Feb but we haven't had it, and it has been unusually cold as well, with the temps dropping to as low as 60 /65, which when you are used to temps of the late 70's and over it feels very cold
We had lots of flooding last year after all the rain and the council did a lot of work on redirecting certain places where the rain had collected and flooded ready for the rain this year but so far we haven't had any so they don't know yet if all the work they did has worked

Well I think that's it for this one, I think I might change the colour  of my blog as well...can't make up my mind...so watch this space

TO BE CONT......

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