Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Having a moan

Wed 13th Feb

Now I just have to say something about the pope  retiring, why can't they just say that he is too old to to do the job anymore, I say Job ....but really what "job" has he ever done all he does is say a few prayers, and wave at people, everything else is done for him 

My next little moan is about salt....they are now saying that you should lay off of salt altogether, now I am no doctor but even I know that your body needs a certain amount of salt, so I would take no notice of what you read in the paper just cut down on salt but I would say still have it other wise you will find yourself getting cramps and restless legs

Now on to immigrants & benefits.... Why they just can't stop them coming into Britain I will never know, other country's can do it why can't Britain,....They are very stricked in Australia and America   and here in Spain they don't let just anyone in, and they are always patrolling the water and the minute they see something that is not right they turn them around no messing, and as for benefits you can not get benefit here unless you have been working and paying insurance and tax for about 5 years I think and you have to prove that you are a resident

Why England can't do the same I will never know it would be so easy to just say....that's it we are not letting anymore in

To be cont :

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