Sunday, February 10, 2013



Well here I am again, ok ok I know its been a long time but I really didn't have anything to write about, I haven't now really but just thought I would start my blog again co's I missed it even if no one else did.....I will not promise that this will be as regular as the last lot, it may only be when I have something I think worth telling you........

Let me tell you about the Scissor saga......My friend in the north of the island asked me to buy her some new feather pillows that she couldn't get up where she is, I did.....she then came down to me the other Saturday  and we picked her up at the bus station, then we both went to my hairdressing wholesalers  she wanted to buy some stock and I decided I needed a new pair of scissors...which I bought, we get back in the car and I put the scissors in their bag on the back seat under her pillows, we get to the bus station and I help her get the pillows out of the car there are 4 of them so they are pretty bulky, as I drag her pillows off the back seat I must have dragged my scissors off the seat as well we never heard them drop on the road or anything, and it wasn't until I got back here that I noticed they had gone

So the hubby and I go back to the bus station and ask the cab driver that was sitting there if anyone had handed them in, he just shrugged his shoulders and stuck out his bottom lip and said NO, but he seemed to know exactly what happened even to the point doing all the movements of me dragging the pillows out and something falling on the floor, so who ever has got those scissors now....I HOPE YOU CUT YOURSELF BADLY 

Wicked I know but I am sure that cab driver had them

To be cont :

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