Sunday, February 17, 2013



Well so far we have had a lovely weekend, the hubby bought me a new pair of boots yesterday ...well I couldn't really go to the uk in March wearing flip flops which is all I have, I just hope that it is not snowing or icey as I am so used to wearing flat flip flops that now wearing a heal even a small one I can't walk properly, funny really when you think that when I was younger I wouldn't be seen dead in flat shoes of any kind I even used to work in high heals and used to walk for miles, so as I sit here writing this I have said boots on to get used to the heal, I will be fine,.. I mean what can happen,?... ok I can fall ass over tit and break a leg or something, well lets hope that doesn't happen, and at least my feet will be dry.....

Then Sat night we went out for a lovely meal with 4 of our friends here,which was so nice, and nice not to have to cook....I like that

I have managed to buy everything I wanted to for the grandchildren except for the Hello Kitty walky Talky's I think I might have to wait till I get to the uk and get them there but thats ok

NOW A LITTLE MOAN.... Why on earth did the news paper have to appologise to Kate Middleton for photo's of her on the beach and hher preggy tummy, everyone knows she is up the duff, and if she goes to places like Mustique what does she expect, the place is crawling with paparazzi and if she didn't want to be seen she should have gone somewhere else......just my little moan, I have finished now.

To be cont:

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  1. Found you! Got to say, though, that when I write my blog, I don't care if no-one else reads it, the main reason I write it is for me to look back on. I see it as a diary of events that I would, perhaps, otherwise forget. It's always nice when people do comment but it shouldn't matter that they don't. You should write your blog for yourself so you can look back at it and remember what made you happy or sad or mad. Celebrities make me bloody mad, can't stand them!