Sunday, February 24, 2013



We have had a really nice weekend,finished all my shopping for the bits I am taking to the UK with me, finished shopping for my grandchildren along with wrapping paper so they all have their own little, well big packet's to open can't wait now to see their faces when they see what I got them

Had a nice surprise this morning, my eldest daughter sent me a message to say that she finally has Skype so we connected and it was great to see her and to be able to speak to my grand son, I have been asking her and her sister for a few years now to go on Skype and they didn't want to, now I have to try and get my youngest daughter to go on as well then at least I can talk to her and my granddaughters and  see them as well

Had a lovely meal out last night with our friends down the mountain, And this morning I went to the local shopping mall and managed to buy myself a dressing gown ( which is something that I did not have but feel I will need it in the UK ) it is in the washing machine as we speak getting dyed Olive green, as it was white and there is no way that I would wear a white anything

So all in all a really good weekend

To be cont :

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