Sunday, March 10, 2013



Well we are back from the uk, and we had a brilliant time, ....My grandchildren's are a delight and I was very proud of them, on Friday when we went over to them to spend the evening and say good bye as we were coming back here on Saturday morning, Ella who is 5 met me at the door with a folded piece of paper that she had made into a card for mothers day, a little plastic plate from her tea set with a crisp on it and a half a glass of fruit juice, which I thought was so sweet,
Then a little later they both did me a show up in their bedroom, the eldest one did it on a bit of carpet that acted as a stage, and the little one did it crouched behind her bed and did me a puppet show, bot singing "  I'm a little tea pot " but putting their own words to the song, then Ella the eldest one sang me a song about a little flower that grew up, and I clapped after each was so sweet  
It was so lovely to feel their arms round my neck giving me a hug and telling me that they loved me, at one point in the day it all became a bit to much for me as it was something I had been dreaming about for a long time and I am sorry to say that I had a little weep,.......and to top it off I got to put Tori 3 to bed and hold her and stroke her till she fell asleep, I was in heaven
The sad part is that I had to come back here, and god knows when I will get to see them again,...So if any of you know anyone with some money that would like a nice house in the Canary's send them my way please

To be cont :


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