Sunday, March 31, 2013




What a lovely day the hubby and I had yesterday ( Saturday )....  about a year ago I made friends with a women on Facebook, and we got chatting as you do and realised that we were very similar in our way of thinking and our sense of humour 
While chatting one night we got on to the subject of where we both lived, and holidays we had had,
She said she had never been to any of the Canary's and said she would like to,I did explain as I do to anyone who asks that this island is very different from any of the others, or come to that very different to any other country, even though it is Spanish this island is very different to any of the other Canary islands, people don't seem to believe it until they come here and see for themselves 

Anyway she and her husband booked a week here but staying down the south of the island, so we made arrangement's to meet the for lunch at the zoo, now when I say the zoo it is much more than just a zoo, there is a very nice shop there that you can browse around, and a very big garden center, but most importantly they have a really nice rustic type restaurant  there that is comfortable cool has good food and big glass windows where you can sit while you are eating and watch some of the small animals

Well it was so nice to meet her and her husband and found out that we all had a lot in common 
We met at 12.mid- day and when I finally asked her hubby the time because he was wearing a watch we were all shocked at what the time was....IT WAS.....20 to 6pm, now that to me say's a lot, and also Tell's me how well we all got on, I hope at some point we will get to see them again I hope so,
So all in all, a really lovely day with good food and good company

More to come :

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  1. Good weather I'ts about time hope it always in the sunshine! I like the title to the post and your point with lovely day....
    happy Easter may you have a lovely time with today.