Saturday, March 23, 2013



Well I have finally managed to get my comments box on my blog, so now you can leave me a comment or write something in my guest book, and I hope you will.......A BIG THANK YOU TO ARLENE FOR ALL HER HELP XXXXX

NOW A LITTLE MOAN......PLEASE PLEASE If you come on holiday to a place like Fuerteventura  or for that matter any foreign country gentlemen please don't wear shorts and socks with tie up shoes, and please when you are in a shopping mall or walking around the town please put a T shirt on it is fine while you are on the beach but really it is not nice even if you have a good body, and ladies please do not go into a shopping mull with just a bikini top on and a wrap round your waist specially if you are a bit big on the top it really does not look very nice not very respectful to the local people....I am sorry if this is blunt but really I have lived here now for 7 years and I have seen all types and all shapes and really it is not nice to see and it is not very respectful,...there are some places here that will not let you in if you are half undressed, don't get me wrong I am not a snob I myself sunbath topless but really it is not the done thing to walk about half undressed even if you are on holiday

Can't make up my mind if I want to go out to eat tonight

You will notice on the bottom of my blog I am going to stop putting TO BE CON'T :....why you ask
Well ...It started when I first started writting my blog because it was an ongoing story with all the things that were going on here at the time and it just became a habit if you like, but now I don't really need to put it on anymore plus someone has mentioned it asking why I put it on, so it stops today.  


  1. HI! I like your blog. I agree about scantily clothed folks in stores and restaurants an such. Relaxed look is ok but covered LOL!
    Have a great Sunday.

    1. Hi Nancy
      Nice to hear from you hope you and hubby are both well

      And thank you for coming into my blog

      Honestly some of the sights you see living in a place like this I am not a proud but it can be so embarrassing some times

  2. I can't understand about other foreign country but just way not thinking about you!!
    I have 26th April month time my teeth will be finished.
    You having a good day.

    1. Hi Michiko
      Nice to hear from you hope you are well

      Last year I had a lot done to my teeth very expensive and took a long time but well worth it in the end and I am glad now that I spent the time and the money