Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Just watched the funeral of Maggie Thatcher on the TV....what can I say.....not a lot really, I have never been that interested in politics, when I was doing my apprenticeship there were 2 things we were told never to talk about and they were Politics and religion and it is just something that I have carried through my life in later years mainly because I don't understand either of them I of course have my own views on certain things and every now and then you will see me air them on here or on Facebook, but mainly I just keep shtum ( quite ) about things.....

But I have to say that number one I thought her funeral was nice ( if you could ever say that a funeral was nice )....and number two for what ever people might belive about her she certainly turned the world around on certain issues and definitely left her mark on the world, perhaps England could do with her now..... 
The other thing I was a bit surprised about was that they didn't say more about Finchley which was her constituency not because that is where I come from but she did start her political career there and as it happens had an office at the top of our road, the other thing I noticed through the whole thing was that Carol Thatcher's had kept falling forward over her face and she had to keep pushing it back, I bet she wished she had gripped it into place now

P.S....By the way I am still having trouble deleting myself from my own followers list, if anyone can tell me how I would be most grateful   

To be cont: 

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