Monday, April 1, 2013



Well to start off with I am going to ask if anyone can help me....If you look on the left of my blog there you will see that I accidentally added myself to my list of followers, now it is obviouse that I don't want or need to follow myself, but every time I try and get rid of it it seems to delete the whole of the followers list....does anyone know how I can just take me off of the followers list....
Thank you

Well went out to buy a new washing machine this morning....the one I already have is old  and even though it still washes very well it is a small drum, and I wanted a bigger drum so that I can wash our duvet's when ever I want, they need doing more here because of the heat....

Before we went this morning I said to the husband, are we going to get it right now if they have what we want, no he said I will have to clear the car out first, well wouldn't it be a good idea to do that so if we see what we want we can get it job done.........He made a few noises so I left the matter alone

We are looking at all the machines and we see the one we want with the bigger drum, .....there was only 3 left they were on special offer,....Oh say's I....yes thats the one lets get it now just encase these last 3 go ...... I told you we can't I need to empty out the back of the car.....see said I...... then he said maybe we can get it delivered, good idea thinks I,.....So I said ok lets do it then, I can't he says ...why said I....because I don't have the right credit card with me, ......Now correct me if I am wrong but if you are going out to buy a big thing like a washing machine surely you go prepared don't you ?.....Then he started the throw his toys out the pram because he had to come all the way back to the house clean out the car and go all the way back again...Daaaa !

Anyway we now have a new washing machine it is sitting waiting for the husband to plumb it in which no doubt he will do later

More to come :

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