Tuesday, April 2, 2013



Awwwww.....trouble with new washing machine....let me explain

As you know we went to buy a new washing machine yesterday, that all went well after the husband had calmed down....The problem began when this morning I went to put washing in  did everything it told me to do, after all it's not exactly brain surgery is it, pressed all the right buttons turned all the right nobs ......NO WATER COMING IN.....Machine started doing washing with no water.......ME ...turned off machine....tried again.....no water........call husband showed him what I did ......he tried......same thing happend  machine started but no water.....husband starts slaming around  and making noises....he tries again ( like the first time wasn't good enough )....still the same machine starts but without water
Oh god me thinks, it was me that suggested buying this machine, he tries yet again still nothing

He say's I will take the top off see if everything is connected properly, I walked away because I can't stand it when things go wrong, he has a very odd way of making you think it is someone else's fault not his , so I come into the house and have some lunch,....He gets it working but doesn't say how, but it is working all the same, I have just had a look out there to see if it was doing or finished or what, all the lights have gone off so will just have to wait till the door lock does it's thing and see if the washing has washed.....The main problem is that all the instructions are in Spanish, we have both had a look on google translate but still can't make sense of it all, as sometimes the words all come out wrong in the translation,
The hubby right at this moment is trying to get another translation from the machines website  which would you believe does not have the model of the machine we bought, I said maybe that's why they were on special offer

More to come :

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