Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Well it is still hard to believe that Rolf Harris was mixed up in the Jimmy Saville thing, but in talking to someone who was a make up girl for the BBC she said that it was a well known fact with all the make-up girls that you never get in a lift with him on his own, as I said before the police must be pretty sure if they have arrested him, or questioned him, but it is still hard to believe as he came across as such a well rounded man and a very good artist to boot

Went to buy a new radio / casset / tape player yesterday and found one, and to top it all the instructions are in English, so very happy with that now I can play my Julio Iglasis C.D....I am into Julio at the moment, I know you don't hear much of him now although being here in Spain you would think you would wouldn't you,? but you don't, it is only by chance that we went into a Todo shop and they were playing him on their tape thingy which reminded me that I have a C.D of his.......What is a Todo shop I hear you ask, ....Well here we have big shops that sell everything a bit like the pound shops back in the UK they are usually run and owned by the Chinese and what ever you might want you can guarantee that they have it, they are brilliant for any kitchen bits that you might want and can't find anywhere else or any of the gadgets that you see on the TV and think aww! that's good and they are cheap as well, and because they are cheap you don't mind if what ever it is you have bought doesn't last very long

Had a bit of a too do down at the urbanization where our other house is, they have a communal pool  down there and someone poured washing up liquid in it and all round the edge of it, we have yet to find out who it was but I have no doubt that it will come to light before very long....Watch this space 

Well I think that's about it for this one.....As I said before there is not a lot to write about now days, but I hope you enjoy the little bit I have written

To be cont:


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