Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Isn't it annoying.......This morning I went to get my hair cut, I have to go about every three weeks as my hair is very thick and curly

So off I go to the hairdressers this morning only to find out that the guy that usually does my hair and had just got used to it is not there anymore, So rather than going looking for a new hairdresser I thought I would give her a chance, I have to say that she has made quite a good job of it and to confirm it the husband has just come in and said....Your hair looks good petal.....S i will carry on going to this new girl and hope that they don't move her on as well

Haven't used the new razor yet so don't know what it will be like

I have started a new diet...well I say started that is not really true, I have been on this diet for some months now and I have to say that I am very happy with it I have defo lost weight but don't ask me how much because I have no idea because I don't have scales or believe it or not a measuring tape but I can tell by my cloths that I have lost and I do feel much better for it

It is called the FAST DIET  which means that for two days in every week you fast and just drink....I thought it was going to be difficult but I have to say that I find it very comfortable..I have chosen Tuesday and Thursday as my fast days and I have found now that I actually look forward to them,.....So on a fast day I will have my orange juice and coffee in the morning then nothing all day except drinks of cranberry and earl grey tea until about 3..3.30 when I will break my fast with a had full of pretzels and a drink of cranberry then my dinner at 5 as usual .......On the days that I don't fast you can eat as normal, although I have to say that after fasting I find that on my normal days I don't eat half as much as I used to, and the good thing is that were as I found that my body went through a stage where I couldn't eat salad I find that I can eat salad again..so i am a happy bunny 


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