Sunday, September 21, 2014


SUNDAY SEPT 21st........

Now I have had to be doing the terrible and annoying job of shaving my legs for as far back as i can remember I guess I must have been about 15 or maybe a bit younger, before I was allowed to shave them my mother would never let me do it saying that it would only make them worse, I had a terrible job of trying to bleach them with all sorts of things at one time I was told about Peroxide and amonia which let me tell you now is a killer I would with a towel covering my mouth and nose dab some on and then run out of the bathroom to get some air it took ages and did absolutely sweet nothing as my hair is very strong and dark all it did was make them ginger, in the end behind my mothers back and with my fathers razor I shaved them I was over the moon they were nice and clean and from then on I was a shaver

Now years ago,... And I mean years ago I am talking maybe 50 odd my then brother in law treated himself to a new electric razor and my sister asked me if I would like his old razor which was still in good working order, before that I was a wet shaver you know in the bath or shower but in between times  I still use and electric one, as the hair growth is now finally slowing down with age I find that I don't have to do it so often, Just so you know and get the picture it used to be twice a day when I was younger specially if I was going out in the evening after work or had a date but now i can get away with every other week.........I am telling  you all this so that you get the full picture of what went on Yesterday.......

Now said razor is very old and not doing it's job as it should, so I thought after all this time perhaps it's a good idea to treat myself to a new one,.........So I ask the husband what he knows about electric razors,.... He doesn't know a lot because he always wet shaves........But he says we can go and look at some if you want....I want.........BUT ! I say to him before we go you have to pretend that it is for you not me  he giggled and said ok petal...( as most of you will know by now that's what he has always called me ).

So of we go to the big elec store we have here which is a bit like B&Q back home

We get to the store and head for the part where all the razors are......we start to pick them up to inspect them every time we do the alarm goes off, the girl comes and turns it off, we start again, again the alarm goes off the girl comes and turns it off, again we try  the same thing happens.....We try to say to the girl can she leave the alarm off so we can look she say's in Spanish which of course even after all this time of being here we do not understand...bla bla bla she says we sort of get the gist of what she is saying that we must not unplug or take away the razor ..which we would never do anyway...we try to tell he that we just want to look and there for have to pick them up, then thankfully some other people come and they are doing the same as we are doing so she leaves the alarm off......she stands near us and the husband picks up a razor that he thinks I will like ...they are all very different now days from what they used to be and the very old Remington of ex brother in law,..... now those of you that know from my last postings about the husband and his booming voice he says....Look at this one petal...I think you would be alright with this it will deal with your strong hair, the hairs on your legs are like needles ....shhh I say.....he say's ....It's ok she doesn't understand.....But I bet she did

Anyway the be all and end all of all this is that we went to another store and I got one there.....And does it work you ask..........I don't know yet I have as we speak got it on charge which apparently you have to do for 4 hours for the first charge.

I'LL BE BACK.......

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