Sunday, April 9, 2017

                                                    GGGRRRAAAA !

I have to write this while I am still angry it concerns " THE HUSBAND"...........

now as most of you will know if you are still following me that I am finally going home and those of you that are new in here to cut a long story short I have lived in the Canary islands now for 11 years and hated every minute of it and have wanted to go home for all of those 11 years, ...And it is finally going to happen.

Now we only have about 13 / 14 weeks left and even though I have done most of the packing of things we are taking home ( with his help reluctantly ) he knows that now it is very near and very real, This morning I asked him as I do every morning " what are you doing today"....he say's...." Nothing much just got to do a bit more work on the car" he has had to borrow ( long story about his car,...for another time ).......then he carry's on to say " but it can wait if there is something you want me to do"
I say " Well you know we don't have long now and we really need to clear out the pool pump room, which has also become a junk room.....Straight away he pull's a face....." what's that for " I say..." "What"! he says........"That face"......" What face"....well I just gave him a look and go and get plastic bin bags to put the crap in that we are throwing away.......He starts picking things up and then just moving them somewhere else, I say " whats that....whats this ?" he doesn't have an answer he just says "well I might still need that".......I now get a bit cross and say " throw it away if you want or need it again which I doubt, then you can buy new"....There is a plastic back shoved right under the swimming pool pump, he has to get down on his hands and knees to get it, I say " why not move it to where you can get to it easy.....No that's too sensible....I move the bag...he grabs it and moves it back again we then have a tug of war with this sodding bag, with him moaning about his bad back because he has trouble getting in and out of said car that he borrowed ......I give up sodding men !



  1. I shouldn't laugh Lo, but honestly, men! Can't live with them, can't live without them... oh, well, actually I can (excluding Ryan as I'm training him properly! :D ). My Mum always told me that if you want a job doing properly, you have to do it yourself. I'm guessing he doesn't really want to come back here...

  2. Ha ha He does now...but he didn't want to at the beginning....The problem with an engineer is that they can fix and build all sorts of things but they are not very good with organisation...he can't seem to get his head round CLEARING OUT MEANS CLEARING OUT...not just moving from one place to another xx