Friday, April 14, 2017


                                                            SEEING SENSE

Now as sad as I am for Chris  Gard and Connie Yates, I am also very very sad for baby Charlie  they are trying to keep alive,.....Sad because the father can not see that that poor little boy will never have a life even if he does live....He will never kick a football...He will never have a girlfriend....He will never go to school and get told off for doing something wrong as boys do,...He will never hold down a job....He will never get married and have children of his own.....
From what I saw of them yesterday on the news it is quite clear that poor Connie has just had enough
She looked tired and worn out the poor girl has just had it and she wants an end to it ...After all they are still young enough to have other baby's, ...........Chris doesn't  seem to give Connie a second thought it is all about him, that poor girl looked devastated when they were on their way to the hospital after being in court to hear quite rightly that the doctors should not try to save Charlie, in fact I don't know if anyone else noticed it but Chris actually pulled her to the hospital....If they stay together after all this which by the look of Connie I don't think they will they can have other children.

And I read in yesterdays paper that Victoria Beckham has put her daughters name as a trademark
Well anyone with any sense can see that is for the benefit of the tax man....Or am I wrong ?


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