Saturday, April 8, 2017

                                                     BRUSH FOR SHOWER

Now I don't know about you, but I prefer a shower rather than a bath, I don't like the idea of sitting in even my own dirt, so neither my husband or I have a bath we both just have showers in our bathroom's

Now the point I am getting to is that I have found the easiest way to clean my shower is a soft broom which I have just inside the shower on a hook works brilliantly 

Now I am a Virgo and everything needs to match for me and the broom I had didn't my bathroom is grey and Lemon and the broom I had was Red...because I couldn't find a plain yellow or grey one when we first moved here

Because we are letting this house for a year when we go back to England  in July I wanted to get a  new broom for my shower....( I thought it was only fair on the tenants ) so went out this morning to get said broom thinking if I find one I will get two to take home with me as my new bathroom back home is Grey and Yellow as well

Do you know ! I couldn't get just plain yellow or grey, so I have bought yellow brushes with grey handles ....better than red ah !....well unless you like red which I don't or blue or navy......



  1. Oh dear, Lo, it seems you really are finicky... I don't care really what goes with what as long as it works. I don't do show and it really doesn't bother me much at all. But I understand that others like co-ordinating stuff so I'm glad you managed to find a compromise.

    I would also agree that the idea of bathing is pretty nasty. I tell people that I don't want to sit with my feet and my butt. I've been called weird by a certain someone who hates showers. If I have a bath, I need a shower straight afterwards to get properly clean lol. It's always good to see that I'm not alone with my weirdities :D

    1. Ha ha ha ! rest assured you are not alone xxx